hi people who do not read this! this is author of ali and she  is on her 3RD! notebook! very exciting! aah! i desperatly want to write1 hmmmm sorry i haven’t been on but i did put a way to get to my deviant on one of my other blogs ( qwertyuiopdoctorwho)  and if you want to ( i dunno why) you can visit me. i seriously need to put some stuff up so that you people who don’t go there can not go there a whole lot easier. just saying.  ummmm yeah ok i’m gonna put some other posts up! adios!


THe Webkinz Misadventures is coming, keep an eye on that coming soon page above…

the stories aren’t up yet.  i no just relax ok?they might take a while cuz i am waaaaaaaaaaaaaay busy w/ all the other stuff im working on like the stories im still writing


Story update

stories to be a little late maybe tomarrow

yeah, please change that link. it’s wrong. it doesn’t take you there. it says it doesn’t exist. try making it again. ps, here’s a good useful thing to add smileys to posts: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Smilies 😛 i’ll bring the stories tomarrow. so peeps reading this, we will have the first story chapter posted tomarrow!

peece and luv,


want my own!

i’ve had way2 much fun on this blog not to get my own!visit … http://natureandwildlife17.wordpress.com please!


ybf27! I NEED THOSE STORIES! so give em’ 2 me @ school tomrow ok? or im gonna bug u! 🙂